We’ve fine-tuned our manufacturing process so every Tubtrug® is as strong and flexible as possible. However, as with all things, Tubtrugs® have limitations. Keep the following in mind as you find unlimited uses for your Tubtrugs®:
Do remove the easy-peel manufacturer's label from the bottom prior to use - it comes off MUCH easier sooner than later.
Don’t expose your Tubtrug® to intense heat or direct flame, as this will melt or distort the plastic.
The plastic is soft and flexible, it will puncture if stabbed with hard materials like a garden fork or knife.
Nasty thick rose bush trimmings are no problem!
Do not drop a fully loaded Tubtrug® from an unreasonable height as it could possibly crack, or even worse, land on a living creature.
Do not overload your Tubtrug® and always lift correctly and safely—lift with your legs! YOUR LEGS!
Remember a Tubtrug® even partially filled with liquid can present a drowning hazard to small children, so please supervise your young ones if they choose to bathe or splash around in a Tubtrug®.
Tubtrugs® are warranted against manufacturer’s defects for one year from the date of purchase.

In the unfortunate event that your beloved Tubtrug® should succumb to an early demise during its first year of service, take a breath, we are here to help. Simply take photos of the damage and the underside showing the www.tubtrugs.com imprint so we can verify that it’s the genuine article. If you can’t find our imprint, our apologies…you’ve purchased an impostor (and might explain why you are in this predicament in the first place). E-mail the pictures along with some evidence of purchase date (honesty is our policy) and a brief explanation of what happened to lisaking@telkomsa.net Our customer support team will evaluate your claim and contact you to assist in making you the happy Tubtrug® owner we know you want to be.