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Our products are universally appealing to everyone. Whether you live in the Australian Outback, the Canals of Venice, or a high-rise apartment in downtown New York. Everyone on the planet will find our products invaluable.

From lightweight, flexible Tubtrugs® through to our heavy duty recycled Tyre Rubber®; range, we have products that appeal to everyone, no matter where they live or what they do.

Tubtrugs® Flexible:

Tubtrugs® Flexible is the single most useful tool in the World!
Carrying, mixing, pouring, scooping, plastering, storing, washing, gardening, pets - the list is literally endless!

Available in 9 great colours across four sizes, Tubtrugs® Flexible are the containers you can rely on in all situations. The two extremely strong handles and flexible body make handling much easier than any other bucket or tub. They can be carried in one hand with ease, or used between two people for heavy loads.
Frost and UV proof - they are World wide favourites and used in all climates.

Tubtrugs Flexible is our flagship product. Sold across the globe, this is probably the most useful tool in the world. There are so many uses, that every time we try to list them, its just never ending!

These products can be sold into any retail sector, whether its Gardening, Equestrian, DIY, Household or Hobbies, Tubtrugs are so versatile that it is a true universal stock item. Five superb sizes and fifteen bright colours ensures that there is one to suit everyones pocket and taste.

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Our Brands:

Whether you live in a high rise flat or a cave you can use our products!

From lightweight and colourful Tubtrugs® Flexible through to ultimately strong recycled Tyre Rubber® our container range is great for everyone.

Flexible material means flexibility in use. Our plastics and rubber are designed to maintain flexibility and durability, ensuring long life and value for money.


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